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Trips and cabins

Here are some hiking tips around the Ålfotbreen Protected Landscape. Here are two Norwegian Trekking Association cabins, but there are many meters of elevation to climb in order to reach them.




Ålfotbreen landskapsvernområde
Njøsavegen 2
6863 Leikanger
E: alfotbreen@fylkesmannen.no



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Trip advice

Ålfotbreen Protected Landscape is an area with a lot of variation. There are many areas and trails in the lowlands that are suitable for everyone. However, the high mountains are really a place for the more experienced hiker. The terrain is challenging and the weather changes very quickly!

· Remember to bring extra equipment and food so that you are prepared if bad weather sets in.

· Always tell someone where you are going. You can’t always rely on there being cell phone coverage everywhere in the mountains.

· Keep your eye out for glacial crevasses and snow bridges when crossing glaciers or snowdrifts.

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Hope – Gjegnabu

Take a trip to one of the Norwegian Trekking Association’s most spectacular cabins. The trip from Hope up to Gjegnabu follows a well-signposted trail situated in a magnificent landscape. There are many meters of elevation to climb, but it is worth it!

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A challenging trip for experienced mountain hikers. We recommend that hikers take this trip during periods of good and stable weather, and one should be well equipped and prepared when hiking in this area. The trail is partly signposted and there are some cairns to show the way, however, the route varies according to the snow conditions.

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Grøndalen – Blåbrebu

This is a semi-challenging trip to the Norwegian Trekking Association’s unserviced cabin at Blåbrebu. Visitors can take day trips from Blåbrebu to Ålfotbreen (1385 masl), or west to Saga (1318 masl).

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Mountain cabin.

Førdedalen – Keipen

A long daytrip in semi-challenging terrain, partly along a signposted trail.

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The mountain Keipen.

Åskora – Ålfotbreen

A signposted trail that takes you from the fjord right up to the top of the glacier. A long daytrip in semi-challenging terrain.

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Title Address Description
Ålfotbreen landskapsvernområde
6829 Hyen, Norge
6900 Florø, Norge
6829 Hyen, Norge
Hope 24, 6829 Hyen, Norge
Fv544 3, 6900 Florø, Norge
Unnamed Road, 6737 Ålfoten, Norge
Lundavegen 20, 6737 Ålfoten, Norge
VV49+C5 Torheim, Norge
Ulvesbakken 10, 6823 Sandane, Norge
Sandane rutebilstasjon
Fv700 2, 6823 Sandane, Norge
Florø båtstopp
Rv5 18, 6900 Florø, Norge
Florø rutebilstasjon
Hamnegata 1, 6900 Florø, Norge
Fv573 8, 6734 Rugsund, Norge
W4QC+Q3 Måløy, Norge
Nordfjordeid rutebilstasjon
WX4R+HG Nordfjordeid, Norge
Svelgen busstopp
Q79R+JH Svelgen, Norge
Storebru busstopp
Storebru, Norge