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Travel, accommodation and activities

There are several approaches that lead to Ålfotbreen and the surrounding areas.




Ålfotbreen landskapsvernområde
Njøsavegen 2
6863 Leikanger
E: alfotbreen@fylkesmannen.no



Title Address Description
Ålfotbreen landskapsvernområde
6829 Hyen, Norge
6900 Florø, Norge
6829 Hyen, Norge
Hope 24, 6829 Hyen, Norge
Fv544 3, 6900 Florø, Norge
Unnamed Road, 6737 Ålfoten, Norge
Lundavegen 20, 6737 Ålfoten, Norge
VV49+89 Torheim, Norge
Ulvesbakken 10, 6823 Sandane, Norge
Sandane rutebilstasjon
Fv700 2, 6823 Sandane, Norge
Florø båtstopp
Rv5 18, 6900 Florø, Norge
Florø rutebilstasjon
Hamnegata 1, 6900 Florø, Norge
Fv573 8, 6734 Rugsund, Norge
W4QC+Q3 Måløy, Norge
Nordfjordeid rutebilstasjon
WX4R+HG Nordfjordeid, Norge
Svelgen busstopp
Q79R+JH Svelgen, Norge
Storebru busstopp
Storebru, Norge

By car

Ålfotbreen is easily accessible from many approaches.

The roads leading to the area are the E39, Rv5 and Fv615 and Fv614, then via country roads and private roads. These then lead to the many car parking spaces around the protected area. Visitors may use the private roads but there is a road toll that has to be paid.


By bus

It is possible to take a bus to many of the approaches and villages in the area. Have a look for some of the transport hubs on the map and find updated bus company timetables.



Local bus Indre Nordfjord og Ytre Sunndfjord-Ytre Norfjord


By boat 

The express boat sails between Bergen, Nordfjord and Sogn.


Dog looking at the fjords.

Activities and experiences

Nordfjord Aktiv organizes guided tours and equipment rental such as bikes and electric bikes.

Visitors can become more familiar with the red deer at the farm called Hjortegarden in Ålfoten.


Nordfjord Aktiv

Red deer.


Hope is located along the Fv.615 just west of Hyen. Here, visitors can find ample parking space and toilet facilities. From here, visitors can follow the signposted trail up to Gjegnabu and continue further on towards Gjegnen.

Hope is also a starting point for several other hiking destinations in the protected area.

Hope in Hyen, village by fjord


Ålfoten is located along the Fv. 614 on the north side of the glacier and the protected area. Here, visitors can find several approaches. One can travel into the Førdedalen valley Valley and follow the signposted trail towards Saga and Keipen.

From Åskora, visitors can follow a signposted trail up towards Åskoravatn Lake and then continue on to the highest peak at Ålfotbreen, 1385 m above sea level. Visitors can also follow the road that runs along the fjord right to the power plant at Yksneelvane. Visitors can walk along the construction road up to Bjørndalen and then walk on towards Gjegnen.

Green valley


Following Fv. 5698 in along Nordalsfjorden, visitors will find Grøndalen. at the end of this road. Visitors may park their cars at the signposted parking lot and follow the trail towards Blåbrebu.



There are many ‘roadless’ farms along the shores of Nordfjorden that can only be accessed by boat. There is a harbor at Mettenes where you can moor your boat and then walk along the trail that leads up to Skjerdingane.

Valley and mountain.


There are many places around Ålfotbreen where one can stay the night.


Visit Nordfjord

Engeset trehytter

Gloppen hotell



View from cabin