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Glaciers and the climate

Ålfotbreen and Gjengdalundsbreen are the westernmost glaciers in Norway and are greatly influenced by the ocean.




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6863 Leikanger
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Oceanic influence means that they are affected by the coastal climate that is found just west of the glaciers. The glaciers are typical plateau glaciers that cover the top of the mountains like a cloak.

Unfortunately, the current climate situation means that the glaciers are melting and will most likely disappear completely over the course of the next few decades. If visitors wish to experience these coastal glaciers and stand on the ice while looking straight out to sea, then one must take the trip before it is too late.

Glacier and water.

An area with a lot of precipitation


Ålfotbreen and the surrounding mountains have a so-called extreme climate. Ålfotbreen is the place in Norway which receives the most precipitation throughout the year, with approximately 6000 mm of annual precipitation.