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The area around Ålfotbreen has very special geological features that create a unique landscape.




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Rock formations from the Devonian Period

In geological terms, the area is called ‘The Hornelen Basin’ and it consists of Devonian rock formations.

The Devonian rock is younger than the old bedrock that lies beneath it and surrounding it. Nearly all the Devonian rock has been eroded away, but there are still a few places where it can be seen.

Rocks, close-up.
Mountain ledges

Mountain ledges and high cliffs

Through geological processes that have occurred over hundreds of millions of years, the Devonian rock has created a unique landscape that isn’t found in any other parts of the country. The area is characterized by ‘mountain ledges’ that run in a north to south direction, often having vertical cliffs of up to 100 meters in height between the ledges.

In this particular landscape, it is best to take a trip by walking along the ledges. It is a little more challenging trying to go straight up!


The bedrock in this area is fascinating if one takes a closer look at it. There is a lot of soft sandstone and conglomerate. It is especially interesting to see how small and large stones of various types and colors have been ‘cast’ together into a conglomerate.

Visitors can find traces of fossils in the sandstone, but they are seldom found on the surface. Special equipment is most probably needed in order to locate them.

Woman studying fossiles