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About the protected area

Over hundreds of millions of years, geological processes have shaped Ålfotbreen Protected Landscape into a landscape that is globally unique. This provides visitors with fantastic experiences of the surrounding nature.




Ålfotbreen landskapsvernområde
Njøsavegen 2
6863 Leikanger
E: alfotbreen@fylkesmannen.no



Fantastic experiences of nature for the experienced hiker


Ålfotbreen Protected Landscape is an untouched area. This is home to the westernmost glaciers in the country and they are greatly influenced by the ocean due to their location.

Ålfotbreen Protected Landscape is located in Kinn, Bremanger and Gloppen municipalities.

Man crossing a river

Travelling in Ålfotbreen Protected Landscape

The terrain, weather and climate in the high mountains can be very challenging. Therefore, this area is best suited to experienced mountain hikers. Check the weather forecast before setting off on a trip! However, the special landscape also offers great experiences for those who want to see nature from a safe distance.


Ålfotbreen Protected Landscape is an area with a lot of variation. There are many areas and trails in the lowlands that are suitable for everyone. However, the high mountains are really a place for the more experienced hiker. The terrain is challenging and the weather changes very quickly!

  • Remember to bring extra equipment and food so that you are prepared if bad weather sets in.
  • Always tell someone where you are going. You can’t always rely on there being cell phone coverage everywhere in the mountains.
  • Keep your eye out for glacial crevasses and snow bridges when crossing glaciers or snowdrifts.

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Production of hydroelectricity

Due to the fact that Ålfotbreen and its surroundings are among the wettest areas in the country, and that there are glaciers and lakes high up above sea level where the water is stored, this area has great potential when it comes to producing hydroelectricity.


A lot of precipitation  

Since the 1960s, many of the watercourses on all sides of the mountain massif have been developed, and the precipitation that falls on Ålfotbreen is now the basis for a fairly large production of hydroelectricity. The boundary of Ålfotbreen Protected Landscape has been established so that all regulated lakes and all installations are located outside the protected area.

Obviously, the development has left its mark on the landscape. At the same time, 50 years of hydroelectric development represents an interesting part of Norwegian industrial history.



The Board of Ålfotbreen Protected Landscape has its own webpage.